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Bike Rental (KCTP)
We can offer you; Well-built and designed bicycles. Bicycles are maintained by professional mechanics. 
Standard class; City bike of KCTP with 3 gears are good enough for going up the slope in Kyoto city.(1,000yen / day)
High Class; City bike of KCTP with 8 gears for practical use and with a stylish design. Built with MTB tires. Easy for going up the slope in Kyoto city. (1,300yen / day)
Time; 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
KCTP; http://www.kctp.net/pc/en/

Kyoto souvenirs
There are many popular souvenirs in Kyoto, they are all the items recommended by the staff.
"Izutsu Yatsuhashi", "Gion Tsujiri", "Kurochiku" and more…

Public Computer
We have a computer available for our hotel guests in the lobby. It is also equipped with an inkjet printer that can print out papers up to the A4 size. By connecting your USB flash drive to the computer, you can print out documents. (100yen / 10min.)

Vending Machine
Alcoholic beverages, such as beer and chuhai (shochu highball), and non-alcoholic beverages are available. You can purchase drinks without going out of the hotel. All drinks are sold at regular retail prices. (There is a refrigerator in the guest rooms)

Coin-Operated Laundry
We have a self-service coin-operated laundry room. Please use the laundry when you need to wash clothes during your trip and extended stay, such as business trips sports training camps, etc.

[Hours] 24 hours
[Detergent] No detergents needed as it automatically pours the detergent.

- Persons other than our hotel guests cannot use the laundry.
- Washers and dryers accept around 400 yen.
- Please use the coin-operated laundry by yourself.
- Please take care of your laundry by yourself.
- Please promptly take out your laundry after using a washer/dryer.
- We cannot be responsible for lost and mixed up laundry.

Ice Machine
An ice machine is installed in the vending machine section. Please use the cups placed on your room.